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Confessions Of A Little Catholic School Girl
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3rd-Jul-2006 10:07 am - Friends Only Biotch
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Hey so new Mean Girls Mood theme was created by euterpeslullaby. thank you so much for letting me use it. Anyway for people who didnt know my livejournal is FRIENDS ONLY so if you want to be added leave me a comment 
16th-Dec-2005 05:42 pm - Yay For Being A Red Devil
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HOLY CRAP Dickinson College Frosh of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so fucking excited! Going to the East Coast Bitches!!! Kiss My Butt Xavier!
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December 1, 2005

14,000 people will be infected with HIV today
7,700 of them will be 24 or younger
7,500 - more than half- will be women or girls

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27th-Jun-2005 07:34 pm - Friends Only Bitches
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Angelina Jolie says Friends Only Bitches!!!

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Sorry guys i have become Friends Only. Well I have been friends only for so long but I have almost never locked my posts. Now I will. Bye all. If you want to be-friend me leave a comment!!

16th-Jun-2005 05:53 am - "A Legend Mr Wayne"
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hehehehe Im obsessed I tell you but LOOK at him. hes so gorgeous. I wanna eat him up. Bruce you are one HOTT SeXxy piece of man candy. MY man candy

15th-Jun-2005 10:51 pm - God Bruce Wayne/Batman Is My New Hero
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Taken from Batman Begins

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15th-Jun-2005 12:36 am - God Im Obsessed
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Angelina Jolie

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God I think I have  a HUGE MAJOR lust for this woman. I really want to bear her babies. Juliez why aren't you here to witness tihs with me. DAMNIT. Well seriously the whole time I was watching Mr and Mrs Smith I was lusting over the man AND the woman

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14th-Jun-2005 07:00 pm - YAY Im Showing My Inner Lesbian
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YAY I find her GORGEOUS!! I don't care if my inner lesbianess shows to all who looks at this. I like her and would love to bear her babies after I bear Adriana Lima's child. Im only a few months along. Cant u all tell??

14th-Jun-2005 04:43 pm - WOOHOO For Caring
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Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.

Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.

You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie.

Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.

For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.

14th-Jun-2005 02:29 pm - Im SO Bored
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Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates anope, zero
your best quality isyoure pretty inside and out
your worst quality isum...nothing =)
this is becauseyou were always this way
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14th-Jun-2005 02:11 pm - YAY for Star Wars
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Star Wars LJ Style! by Eilwen
You would be...
The Ewoks would be led by...photoelectric
Alderaan would be blown up by...trippendicular
The Ewoks would be blown up by...daytime_dreamr4
You would be trained in the Force by...stayoffthegrass
You would have a lightsaber duel with...gimme_the_pills
In the end, you would defeat...eltruteiggev
And leave as ruler of all creation...ironic_chance
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14th-Jun-2005 01:58 pm - EWWWWWWWWW
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Which Britney Spears are you?

Sexy Almost Naked Britney

You are young and you have nothing to hide. You are a free spirit who has fun dancing and being sexy. You will be old with wrinkles some day, enjoy it while you can.

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Things like this diserve to be put away!!!!!!!!!!!
13th-Jun-2005 10:51 pm - Creepy Shit!!!
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I think I have reached a point beyond miserable when I think that I am going to die old, alone, and no one will come to my funeral. Also when i feel like digging a hole and crawling into it and crying my eyes out. I am a sad, pathetic person who needs straightening out. I am freaking out about everything. I do mask it well though. But underneath its screaming and it gets to the point where I just ball my eyes out.  This song sums it up for me right there

Black Roses Red: By Alana Grace

Can I ask you a question please,
Promise you won’t laugh at me
Honestly, I’m standing here
Afraid I’ll be betrayed
As twisted as it seems
I only feel love when it’s in my dreams
So let in the morning light and let the darkness fade away

Can you turn my black roses red,
Can you turn my black roses red

La da da

Drowning in my loneliness
How long must I hold my breath
So much emptiness inside,
I could fill the deepest sea
I reach to the sky as the moon looks on
My one last year has come and gone
I’m dying to let your love rain down on me

Can you turn my black roses red,
Can you turn my black roses red,
Can you turn my black roses red

Cause I feel like, I'm living on love
La da da

Can you turn my black roses red,
Can you turn my black roses red,
Can you turn my black roses red



13th-Jun-2005 07:08 pm - Shoot Me Now
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Well where do i start? I recently got to thinking how unpopular i really am. No im not here to be self-pitied but idk upsetting people is something i tend to do a lot more often then I would like and I wish I never did. Lets just get down to the point. I know Im not perfect and I wish to heavens name that my parents would stop acting like i should be perfect all the time. I make mistakes and i know they are all stupid but i get to thinking why do i try so hard to meet their approval when they still dont treat me like a 17 year old but as a child. And then the whole thing with guys. If I would just stop and think before I go rushing into things that I know I shouldn't. Being too god damn overly emotional isn't helping things either. God all this stress about me and trying to meet my parent's approval, trying not to sound or act retarded in front of guys I like, and then regretting things I do. Lets just say thing. Logan I am so sorry I feel horrible and I wish I could take everything all back. God damnit the movie I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants made me too overly emotional. I saw my cousin Katie in a character and then I just couldn't take it. Im not making any sense guys. God let me just crawl in a hole and cry. I am sorry to everyone that I have hurt, or upset. If its my punishment Ill go live sad, old and alone
11th-Jun-2005 10:44 pm - YAY For Adriana Lima
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

credit goes out to  hanamusume for making this wonderful F.O Banner!!!

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11th-Jun-2005 10:18 pm - WOOO for 97% of Sex!!
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How Good are you at Certain Things?
Favorite Color
Sex - 97%
Romance - 69%
Self - Control - 49%
Kissing - 51%
Cuddling - 25%
Kinkiness - 87%
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New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

11th-Jun-2005 05:59 pm - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
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What kind of jewel are you?


Your beauty is both breathtaking and stunning. Your friends could see you everyday and still be enchanted.

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11th-Jun-2005 05:28 pm - YAY For Titanic
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